Mary: the perfect daughter of God the Father

Mary is the perfect daughter of God the Father.  Part one of a series of three reflections on Mary’s love for the Holy Trinity.

I was in high school when I first heard a beautiful rendition of the Hail Mary that made my jaw drop in realization of how perfect Mary’s love for God is.

The Rosary started as usual.  Sign of the Cross.  The Creed.  Our Father.  But when we got to the three Hail Mary’s, the leader added something special:

  • Hail Mary, daughter of God the Father…
  • Hail Mary, mother of God the Son…
  • Hail Mary, spouse of God the Holy Spirit…

I was caught off guard.  My eyes were opened to the depth of the relationship between Mary and God.

This week, I want to share with you three meditations inspired by these three special prayers.

Today’s meditation reflects on Mary’s love as a daughter of God.

Hail Mary, daughter of God the Father, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.  Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

God my Father, teach me how Mary is my model as Your perfect daughter.   

Mary said yes to You: “Be it done unto me according to your word.”

I often think of saying yes to Your will as an active response to grace: Yes, I’ll do this or that. Choosing to willingly and cheerfully do the right thing is a good way to do Your will.

  • To choose to volunteer,
  • to choose to pray the Rosary,
  • to choose to act chastely,
  • to choose to read spiritual books,
  • to choose especially to serve my family,

and to do so cheerfully.

Saying Yes to doing Your will is a good thing.  But Mary’s way is an even better way, the perfect way. She goes beyond saying yes to doing Your will.

She teaches me not only to do, but also to accept.

The task You gave her – to bear, give birth to, and raise Your Son, wasn’t an easy role – it almost cost her a divorce. She was worried it would conflict with her vow of virginity. But she said yes.

Her yes wasn’t a statement of courage and bravado. It wasn’t a yes of stepping up to the plate. Her yes was a yes of humility and trust – “Be it done unto me.” A yes that not only accepted and conformed to Your will, but put You in total control.

My yes to doing your will is sometimes a thinly veiled attempt to cling to control in my life.  An incomplete letting go, but a small step in the right direction.

Teach me to say yes like Mary, not only to doing Your will, but to letting Your will be done to me.

Let the distracting toddler in my arms at Mass be done unto me.  Let the saving grace of confession be done unto me.  Let the blessings and disappointments which You place in my life be done unto me.

Mary daughter of God Pinterest

As Your perfect daughter, Mary placed all her trust in You.

There were still times of confusion, misunderstanding and even sorrow in her life.  But that through it all she never lost sight of Your all-powerful hand.

When she lost Jesus, she searched in sorrow, she found Him and experienced confusion, she questioned Him in surprise. He answered that He was doing Your will, Father. There’s a consolation: even Mary, Your perfect daughter, who lived Your will for her life flawlessly – even she didn’t know Your will for others.  Not even for her own Son, Jesus, at 12 years old.

How humbly she handled the situation.

She didn’t scold Him or tell Him He was doing something wrong, but rather asked why He’d do something so painful to His parents. She shows me it’s okay to be confused and hurt by other people’s actions.

But my own pain is no measure of the righteousness of another person’s actions. Only You who speak straight to the hearts of Your children, can discern that for another.

Like Mary, I must be content to discern and accept Your will in my life, and not try to play God for others – not even for my own children, apparently! That’s not to say I shouldn’t teach my children right from wrong, but I should also learn to respect their decisions, where and when they have the capability to make them.

Sometimes my children’s decisions won’t make sense to me, or will cause me fear, hurt or sorrow. Like Mary, it’s okay for me to talk it out with them. It’s okay for me to ask my son why he didn’t come home when I told him to, or why he put a certain toy up high in his bed when his friend came over.

Maybe I’ll be surprised by his answer.

Maybe he was busy helping clean up, or got distracted and only remembered to come home 20 minutes later. Maybe that particular toy is special to him, and instead of fighting with his friend, he chose to put it somewhere safe.

If I call him disobedient and selfish, I’m usurping Your role. I’m once again trying to take control, to be the all-powerful presence in our lives instead of trying to be a follower and child of You.

Hail Mary, daughter of God the Father… pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.  Tweet this.

And this doesn’t only happen with my children.

I sometimes pretend with my friends that I’m am all-knowing, rather than You, my God.  I have all the answers, let me shove my advice down their throats.

But Mary, as Your perfect daughter, teaches me to reach out to others where they are. When she heard her cousin was expecting, did she go prepared with all the best mom-advice? No, she went in haste to help her cousin, to serve her, not to show her “how it’s done.” Though… as the only sinless woman, she of all people would have the right to give parenting lessons.

Even when Elizabeth downright addressed Mary’s superiority, Mary didn’t jump on the perfect I-know-best opportunity.  She simply praised You, God.  She acknowledged the graces and miracles You worked in her life, and shared her experiences (in a non-throat-shoving way) with her cousin and friend.

Teach me, by Mary’s example, to truly acknowledge Your hand in all that’s good in my life, and to seek to share the joy of Your grace with others.

Teach me that being Your daughter doesn’t mean being entitled, or better than others.  It means being open to Your grace in my life, to the opportunity to witness to that grace, and humbly sharing my experiences with friends. Let me, like Mary, be willing to be there for others, for Your sake and theirs, because it’s the right thing to do.

God my Father, please help me learn from Mary’s example as Your daughter, and apply it in my life to become a better daughter too. Let me say yes, like Mary, not only to doing Your will, but also to accepting Your will to be done to me. Let me place all my trust in You, like Mary, even when worry, fear, and confusion are part of Your will for me.

Finally, teach me to humbly serve others in Your name, knowing that You speak to Your children and only You know their hearts.

I love You my God in the Holy Trinity, Amen!

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This post is the first of a three part reflection on Mary’s great love for the Holy Trinity.

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4 thoughts on “Mary: the perfect daughter of God the Father

  1. “I sometimes pretend with my friends that I’m am all-knowing, rather than You, my God. I have all the answers, let me shove my advice down their throats.” Because pride is the sin I struggle with the most, this is what she can teach me all the time, every day. You did a beautiful job of really pulling out all that Mary can teach us.


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