Walking Holy Week with Jesus

A prayer journal for the holiest week of the year.

Imagine yourself encountering Holy Week for the first time.

Place yourself into history.

You’ll walk by His side every step of the way. You’ll experience the fear, the pain, the suffering, and finally, the joy of this pivotal week in Salvation History.

With this prayer journal, you’ll enter into Holy Week in a whole new way.

Each day from the Saturday before Palm Sunday through the Resurrection has Bible readings, reflections, prayers, and journal prompts to help you immerse yourself in the reality of Jesus’ Passion, death and Resurrection.

Commit to living Holy Week in a special way this year.

Walk Holy Week at Jesus’ side.


The journal is available with free domestic shipping in the United States, digitally for individuals, and digitally for your entire parish.

Walking Holy Week with Jesus is available:

Preview Walking Holy Week With Jesus

Special Offers During the Coronavirus

First, I saw diocese cancelling public Masses for a week or two.

Soon, our diocese joined them.

Next, dioceses across the United States extended their Mass suspensions through Holy Week and Easter.

And finally, every diocese across the United States had suspended all celebrations of public Mass.

My heart is broken, but I realized I have something to offer to the many who are hurting.

If you are (or may) without Mass for Holy Week, this prayer journal will help you draw close to Jesus during this difficult time.

I hadn’t planned on offering the journal digitally, but with rampant Mass closings around the world, I changed my mind.

Get a Discounted Digital Download:

If you’re outside the US, or immunocompromised, or need a more affordable option, this listing is for you.


God put this crazy idea on my heart.

I wish that I could get physical journals out to parishes whose Holy Week Masses are cancelled, to distribute to their parishioners right now.

But that won’t really work, with the quarantine and all.

Then I remembered: technology is a wonderful thing! Many parishes keep up with their parishioners through emails, flocknotes, text messages, and other wonderful digital means.

And I thought: why not offer a digital parish pack of journals?

If your parish is dealing with cancelled Masses and quarantine right now, this would make a wonderful gift.

And a safe one too – digital resources are free from risk of contagion!

I would feel so blessed to be able to help your parish this way.

If you’d love to see this resource offered in your parish, please send a link to your pastor or DRE. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can even buy it as a gift, and forward it to your pastor for distribution (with his approval, of course).

Please Note: This listing is for a DIGITAL PDF version of the prayer journal: Walking Holy Week with Jesus. Your purchase may be used by a SINGLE PARISH. When you purchase, you will receive an instant pdf file download. You may distribute the pdf to parishioners IN YOUR PARISH ONLY, for example through flocknotes, or email. Do not post files publicly on your website or social media. Please advise parishioners that the journal is for their personal use only, and not to be distributed to the public.


  • 9 days of Bible readings, reflections, prayers, and journal prompts
  • 37 pages
  • space for journaling your thoughts and prayers
  • written by Sara Estabrooks
  • cover and journal art by Ingrid Blixt
  • Updated with the Imprimatur!


Check out what other people think of the Walking Holy Week with Jesus prayer journal.

Catholic Link English

Catholic Link loves this journal! They included the Walking Holy Week with Jesus prayer journal as one of their recommendations on their “What Should You do for Lent?” Quiz!

Amy Thomas, Catholic Pilgrim

Amy Thomas, author of Catholic Pilgrim: Living out Your Faith highly recommends the prayer journal:

If there is a lady who can write a prayer and offer one for you, it’s Sara over To Jesus, Sincerely. Girl is a prayer warrior. She has made these affordable Lenten devotion books and I would highly recommend checking them out.

Learn more about Amy and her review, here.

Beautiful Camouflaged Mess of a Life

Anni Harri, author at Beautiful Camouflaged Mess, loved the journal so much, she bought them for her Catholic Military Women’s group:

Man, was this journal just the thing my heart needed to embrace the journey – the depth, the intensity, the Passion – that is Holy Week. In fact, I purchased many copies for our chapel’s Catholic Women of the Chapel group last year, because it makes Holy Week that much more relatable and powerful!

Read Anni’s full thoughts on the journal in her Facebook review.

Catholic Sistas

Martina from Catholic Sistas says:

“This journal is simple – perfect for anyone who isn’t a “journaling” type. The breakdown is also beautifully simple, divided into four main categories as it walks you through each day of Holy Week.”

Read the full product review from Catholic Sistas.

Into Your Will

Jen, author of Into Your Will, and marriage podcaster at Surprised by Marriage, is excited about the Walking Holy Week with Jesus Prayer Journal:

A couple years ago, I bought the print copy of Walking Holy Week with Jesus: A Prayer Journal and it was sooo good. I’m looking forward to doing it again this year! I really like how this journal is just one week…totally doable and not overwhelming.

Read all about Jen’s ideas for Lent on her blog.

Transform Our Hearts

Alexandra, author of Transform Our Hearts blog, and cohost of the Raising Saints podcast, says:

Even though my Lenten practice fell apart, I still have time to put my energy toward a fruitful Holy Week!

The great thing about this journal is how accessible it is. This is a journal for everyone. The bible passages chosen are ones that we already know. Sara’s reflections are simple and honest, and the prayers and prompts she offers to readers are uncomplicated and natural.

Read Alexandra’s full review on her blog.

Elevator to Heaven

Colleen shares her thoughts about the journal as a busy mom:

“The journal itself is simple and elegant, which perfectly reflects the content. Sara sets up the text in an easy to read format: Read, Reflect, Pray, and Write. There is ample space for journaling, two full pages a day. Her reflections are profound, yet written in a simple, direct manner that makes them accessible.

“While the reflections are short, there’s plenty of meat in the text that can be pondered and savored throughout the day. As a busy mom, I found the length to be in that sweet spot- not so short that I felt like the topic was glossed over or only touching the surface, but not so lengthy that I wouldn’t be able read it in one between-kid-needs sitting.”

You can read her entire review here: Looking Ahead to Holy Week.

Companion Bible Journaling Kit

Ingrid Blixt, the artist for the Walking Holy Week with Jesus Prayer Journal, created a beautiful companion Bible Journaling Kit.

The kit includes printable stickers to help you decorate and embellish your prayer journal, customized to complement the readings and reflection for each day.

Buy the Journaling Kit:

Get the companion Bible Journaling Art kit from Ingrid Blixt here:

Buy the Journal:

Purchase the journal at $12 each.

3 thoughts on “Walking Holy Week with Jesus

  1. I look forward to reading your reflections! I spoke with my chaplain about Holy Week this week – and, trying to find a way to set it apart, knowing I am still doing the N90 Challenge and all that it entails (in addition to Lent). He threw out the idea for me to simply focus on Good Friday and Saturday… and to “enter the tomb” with Christ (and gave me a tangible way to do that).

    So, I look forward to reading your daily reflections and prayers, and seeing how you focus on this week!

    Liked by 1 person

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