God in the eyes of an 11-year old

I am so inspired.

My 11 year old brother freely chose to spend his time today journaling his thoughts about God.  This was no “heaven is full of candy and puppies” reflection.

It was deep.

But don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself:



God is like a biker and we are a bike.  He guides us to the right place, but if we try to guide ourselves we end up rolling down a hill and into the mud.

Without Him we are nothing.  A bike without a biker will not do anything, it can barely stand upright.  With God to move us and hold us upright we will not fall down.  In fact, we will start to roll faster and faster with him to guide us.

He spreads the Good News like a paperboy gives out the paper.  We hold it for Him and He spreads it out through us.

Sin is like the sand on the road.  When we slip and fall under sin, God will right us and get us going again.

Temptation is another fault in our road to Heaven.  Temptation is like a pothole.  A pothole draws us in and smashes our wheels like temptation draws in our conscience that we rely on like the wheels, and it hurts our conscience.

The Holy Spirit is like the worker that dusts the sands of sin off the road and fills the potholes of temptation with asphalt and makes the road to Heaven.

God is like a biker and we are a bike.  He guides us to the right place.  Without Him we are nothing.  Tweet this.

The devil is like a violent storm that rains heavy rain to make potholes of temptation.  And he blows violent winds to pick up sands and put them in the road so we may slip into sin.  He pelts us with the rains of despair and he rusts us.

When the devil does that, God needs to take us in and protect us from the rust of fault.  He shelters us under Him and we stay safe from the devil.

When we get to the hills of rough-going, He changes the gears of attitude and we zoom past the hills.

Finally, when we get to the repair shop (purgatory) we are all dented.  He puts us in the repair shop, and we get all our sins and dents fixed up.

When we are all fixed, he will drive us to a beautiful garden through the waterfall of grace.  And the waterfall will clean us.  Then He will rest us under the tall tree, and rest under its shade with us, in Heaven forever.

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Also, he made me pay him to post this on my blog.  Contributing writers deserve their independent consulting fees, right?  Right!  (And what’s more, he donated the proceeds to charity.  This. Boy. Rocks!!)

13 thoughts on “God in the eyes of an 11-year old

  1. Well, I just say that this young man is on the road to great things. A beautiful, vivid description of God. Keep up that spirit in you!


  2. This is absolutely beautiful!! Your family is definitely full of talent – especially with writing.

    I enjoyed the vision of the bicycle… and, at the very end, I imagined sitting by a fully healed, put-together tree from “The Giving Tree.” Together, the boy as the bike, under the shade of the Holy Spirit, with God sitting as the biker. Great visual inspired by your brother!

    Also, I think your brother has a phenomenal view of Purgatory – perhaps better than most adults (even some practicing Catholics) I know! I would say he’s definitely on track toward Confirmation. 😉

    Thank you so much for sharing your brother’s insight!

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