How to See God’s Message

When you can’t hear God’s words, look for them instead.

Lord Jesus, I struggle to know what You’re saying to me when I can’t hear Your voice.

I close my eyes.  I take a deep breathe.  I’m listening.


I don’t hear anything.  But in my mind’s eye I see something.

I see my husband reach over to hold my hand during a long car ride.  I see my daughters climb into my bed in the dark of night.  I see my son sprint towards me, wide-eyed and toothy-grinned, arms outstretched to wrap me in a giant squeeze hug.

No words, but the message is loud and clear: “I love you.”

You don’t always speak to me with words, my Jesus, so I need to listen another way.

I close my eyes again.  I take another deep breath.  This time, what do I see?

I see a hill of freshly fallen snow.  No tracks yet.  But we’re tromping our way across the milk-white field with our sleds in tow.  Soon the smooth surface will be transformed with countless pockmarks of bluish shadows.

The hill calls to us: Come to me.


I see a fire-y orange ball scorching the sky through the tangle of black tree limbs.  Pink bleeds out from the horizon, swirls and mixes into a purple haze where warm evening colors meet cool blue daylight.  A cloud passes by, lined with a glowing ribbon.

The sunset speaks: Bask in my glow.


I see a spider wrap her dinner in thin silvery threads.  I feel tingles of fear mixed with amazement course through my body.  I can’t pull my eyes away.  Her movements are so sure.  She never tires.  She dances on her web with the skill of a practiced ballerina.

She whispers: Be astounded at my works.


Come to me.

Bask in my glow.

Be astounded at my works.

Lord, You speak these words to me today through the sights You created for my eyes to see.

I come to You.

You are always there.  Waiting.  Inviting.  Calling.  I need to move my heart towards You.  Respond to You.  I feel You draw me near.

I bask in Your glow.

Your love surrounds me like the warmth of summer sunshine.  When I pay attention, I feel it soak into my skin.  I close my eyes and focus on the signs of Your love.  You created me out of love.  You keep me in existence out of love.  You gave me the world and all things in it.  Out of love.

I am astounded at Your works.


If I’m not looking, I miss the greatness of Your blessings just as I often ignore the spider in the window.  You are all powerful.  You bring good out of all things, even the most painful circumstances.  You fill my life with blessings so I may know Your joy.  You fill my life with sorrows so I may participate in Your suffering.

Your ways are amazing.  There is no God like You, my God.

Come to me.

Bask in my glow.

Be astounded at my works.

You spoke these words to me today, my Lord, but I could not hear them with my ears.  I needed to see them with my eyes.

Help me to look for Your voice in my life today and every day.  Amen.

Your Turn:

What messages from God have you seen in your life today?  Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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