What to do When Life is Too Busy for New Year’s Resolutions

This year’s resolution: stop cramming more demands into your already busy life.

Quickly jot down all the things you should be doing, but aren’t.

  • Exercise every morning
  • Cook healthy breakfast
  • Declutter your home
  • Morning Meditation
  • Evening Prayer
  • Spiritual Reading
  • Get enough sleep

Just feel your heart pound with every new item you add to the list… When will we do that?  How are we going to fit this into our already crazy lives?  How on earth will we keep up with this for a whole year?!

We won’t.

Because every moment of every day is filled with things to do.

Too many things.

Adding a New Year’s Resolution to the mix is like playing chubby bunny with your life.  You stuff more demands down your throat and sooner or later, you’re going to choke.

We just can’t handle it.

From the time we wake up to the time we fall back asleep, every moment is claimed.  It has to be.  There is no instant that we are just sitting, staring into a void, doing nothing…

Or is there?

When I wake up, I temp (go NFP!) and hop on my tablet to record it… and while my tablet is out, I’ll just click over to Facebook for a minute.  Or two.  Or twenty.  Until – oops, there’s my kids waking up, I guess it’s time to get out of bed.

And after lunch, when my kids are playing oh-so-nicely.  I’ll just check my email before I fold the laundry and – LOOK!  New post from my favorite blog!  I’ll just give it a quick read… and maybe click a related post to read… and… whatever happened to that laundry?

Aaahhhh…. deep sigh… the kids are in bed.  Hubby and I are wiped out, so let’s go to sleep early watch Netflix.  (Because that will help us catch up on our rest. >snort<) I’ll probably doze 2 or 3 times before the show is over, but hey – any time spent with my hubby is better than nothing… right?


If we look closely, we will discover these little voids in our life.  Small times when we’re not intentionally doing something, and so we fill the gap with distraction.

What if our New Year’s Resolution is not to add something, but instead take something away?  Get rid of just one void each day?

What if I logged my temp and got right out of bed?  What would I do with those extra 20 minutes?

What if I put my tablet out of sight until all my household work was done?  Would I be more efficient?

What if I left the TV off and climbed right in bed with my husband?  Would I spend more quality time with him, chatting about our day?

What would we do with the extra time sucked away from our lives?  Honestly I don’t know.

Maybe it won’t even be the same thing every day.  You might wake up and start a new exercise routine tomorrow.  Then you’ll be sore the next day and stretch in bed while you say some extra prayers.  Then you’ll exercise again.  The next day, you might make a breakfast for your husband.  Or maybe just fall back asleep if that’s what you really need.

Save that resolutions list you brainstormed.  Only, they’re not demands.  They’re replacement ideas.

Remove just one void, one block of wasted time from your life, and fill the gap with one good thing.  Do what you need in the moment.  If you don’t have an idea, pick one from the list.  Let God guide you.

Let’s not start the new year by cramming more demands into our life.  We don’t want to play chubby bunny.  Instead, let’s intentionally make space for one marshmallow at a time.

Dear Lord, my New Year’s Resolution is to eliminate one time-sucking-void from my life each day.  Please guide me to fill the gap with something more meaningful.  With what I need most that day to live my vocation well and become a better version of myself.  Whether it’s sleep or work or time with family, give me the grace to do it, and do it well.  Amen.

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4 thoughts on “What to do When Life is Too Busy for New Year’s Resolutions

  1. This is a great New Year resolution. It lets you show yourself some compassion. Often on New Year I’ve thought that I wouldn’t make any resolutions because I already had so much stuff undone.


  2. Absolutely love this idea, and is part of my plan for 2017 – to live more “intentionally” in many areas of my life, by cutting out those one, two, twenty minutes I spend on FB! Because it is mindless chatter, and has nothing to do with where I want to focus – my husband, my family, and ultimately, God. I’m glad to hear I am not alone!!


    • Love it! I’m all set up with my notebook and pen on my nihtstand… Hoping to write and pray in the morning instead of browse, we’ll see where God leads me. Love your priorities, I’m right there with ya. We have to reclaim what’s most important!

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