God Needs Your Help in the Kitchen

Help God answer your prayers: how to work alongside Him in the kitchen just like my kids do for me at home.

God my Father, I love the moments when Your Divine Plan shines through the ordinary.  You were with me today in the midst of my normal family life.

In my kids’ eyes, I can do anything.  And I DO do most things for them.  I cook them dinner, I tie their shoes, I even tidy up their toys after they’re in bed.

And I take joy in being able to meet their needs.  To give to them.  To serve them.

But I’m not really omnipotent like they think I am.

You, my God, are.  You do all for me.  You gave me life.  You save me from my sins.  You even keep me in existence every moment!


He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together. Colossians 1:17

When God Does For Us:

My kids ask me to do a million things a day for them, with complete trust that I can and will do it.

Petitionary prayer is the same thing.  I can ask You my God for any need, for help with any task, and trust that Your omnipotence will accomplish it.

Just like my kids say, “Mom Mom Mom,” a thousand times a day, I feel myself praying, “God God God,” all day long too.  I have so many needs and wants, and I rely on Your help.

  • In the morning: Lord, please help me practice virtue today.
  • In the car: Lord, please keep me safe on my drive to the grocery store.
  • On the playground: Please protect my kids from bad influences and help them be good friends.
  • In temptation: God give me the strength to walk away.
  • When I see the man holding a sign on the street corner: Take care of that man, Jesus.
  • When I hear a terrible news story: God, convert sinners, give us peace in this crazy world.
  • When I go to bed: God, help me not to worry, give me good sleep and a new day tomorrow.

I know You hear my cry.  I know You love to answer my prayers: “Knock, and you shall receive.”  You are here, and You faithfully meet all my needs.

And I love to meet the needs of my kids, too.  I can’t resist the joy in their eyes when I make their favorite dinner or give them a boost up on the swings.

When God Does With Us:

But as much as I love doing for my kids, I love doing with them even more.

Tonight, my 5 yr old son helped me cook dinner.  It melted my heart to see him read the directions on the corn muffin mix, successfully pour and measure milk for the first time, and crack an egg with only a few shells sneaking into the batter.

He shared my joy.  He was so proud of his efforts – he thought they were the best corn muffins ever!  He was moved with fervor and exclaimed, “Mom, I’m gonna help you make dinner every night!”  He beamed and gave me a great big hug.

My God, even though You could do everything all by Yourself, You take joy in giving me the opportunity to cooperate with Your Divine Will – to help You out in the kitchen.  You delight in my successes and even my clumsy attempts.

When I work alongside You, I not only have the opportunity to learn, but also to grow in love of You.  Like my son, who was moved to express his love for me with hugs and “I love you”s, I grow even closer to You when I help bring about the outcome of the things I’ve prayed for.


When I work with You, I feel Your great love, and I am moved to echo it back to You.

Though my efforts may not be perfect, there is joy even in the imperfections.  My flawed attempts are beautiful to You, just as my son’s attempts to cook were beautiful to me even though he’s far from being a Top Chef.

My God, I ask you to answer my prayers.  I know that in Your omnipotence You can.  But I also ask You to give me the grace to work alongside You to accomplish Your Holy Will in my life.


Pray.  But Act, Too.

Pray as if everything depended on God, act as if everything depends on You. -St. Ignatius of Loyola

Today, take some time to pray and ask God for the things You need.  But also take some time to work together alongside God to accomplish these things.

  • Pray for virtue, then make a plan to practice it.
  • Pray for your kids, then teach them the faith.
  • Pray for the poor, then donate to a local soup kitchen.
  • Pray for conversions, then invite someone to church this Sunday.
  • Pray for world peace, then forgive someone you’ve been holding a grudge against.

Continue to pray for your heartfelt desires, then step in and give God a hand in the kitchen.

God NeedsYour Helpin theKitchen.png

Your Turn!

Leave a comment: What do you pray for today?  How can you help God achieve this in your life?

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2 thoughts on “God Needs Your Help in the Kitchen

  1. I’ve been praying for humility for so long but I haven’t had the strength and power to resist pride and let go of it. My attempts have been futile.


    • Thank you for such a beautifully honest comment, Maria. Are you taking the Humility Challenge with us this month? It’s not too late to start! The challenge has daily prayers and practical tips, and we celebrate our small victories in practicing humility. I will pray for you as well. God bless!


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