Picasso: Seeing Beauty in the Brokenness

I Just don’t see it.

How is this art? This broken, distorted face, it’s not even beautiful. I could paint a face all wrong, too. And I would never be famous for it.

Picasso, I don’t see what you see.

The Master Artist

God, my Father, You are the Master Artist. Do I see what You see?

You created the earth and all things in it, and You said, “It is good.” The pinnacle of Your creation is humankind: a beautiful, glorious, relational being formed in Your own Image.

Adam and Eve… they were beautiful on the inside and out. They were free from sin, bad habits, selfishness. Free from sickness, old age, death. You are the artist and this was Your masterpiece – the work of art that captivates the viewer, that strikes him speechless at its beauty.

Then Something Went Wrong

Enter sin, and through sin, death. Gone is the beauty. Humankind is broken. I am born broken, with original sin on my soul and death in my future. Every day I fall… I make mistakes. I let You down… I let myself and others down. Every day I wake up one day older, one day closer to death’s door. My life is one long broken race to the finish line.

I am like Picasso’s painting. My parts are all in the wrong places. My ears seek noise when they need silence. My taste buds turn to chocolate when I’m stressed instead of turning toward fasting and prayer. My eyes are glued to Netflix, but they should be turned towards my family. My heart looks for love on Facebook, when it should find it in You my God.

But when You look at me, You don’t see me as a failure. You see past all the ugliness on the surface of my body and soul. You see deeper… You see my potential.

Where I see brokenness, You see beauty. You created me like a stained glass window. Sin has shattered me into a thousand tiny shards, but You are piecing me back together. You see what I am becoming and You are bringing me closer to that picture every day.

Open My Eyes

I want to become the masterpiece You created me to be. I want to unveil the beauty hidden within. Right now, I may seem like a mess, but deep down that’s not who I am.

When I lose my temper and raise my voice, help me see instead the opportunity for growth and change. When I am lazy and skip my daily prayers, help me recognize your call for deeper relationship with You. Help me focus on becoming the best version of myself, instead of being ashamed at the person I have been.

I want to see past the hidden beauty in others too. When my kids disobey, let me see it as an opportunity to help them cultivate their desire for independence in healthy ways. When my husband and I disagree, let me remember the troubles we’ve overcome and the joy that results from working through our differences. May I see your vision of every person I come into contact with.

Help me look past the brokenness, and find the beauty You created. Teach me to see myself, others, and Picasso’s faces as You see us: works of art in the midst of repair, masterpieces underneath, beautiful within, worthy of love.

I want to see what You see, my God.

Picasso, I want to see what you see.


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